School Fundraising with Sixpence

Classrooms need more than just tables, chairs, and books. They need a variety of supplies, decor, and other items to create an environment that fosters learning and creativity. 


At Sixpence, we value teachers and realize they often spend much of their own income on items for their classrooms. In fact, teachers spend $500 annually of their own income on their classrooms! While this is a commendable and selfless gesture, we want to create a way for teachers to raise funds for their classrooms and harness the power of community to enhance education.

Sixpence provides an alternative to other less efficient fundraising methods and allows users to donate easily in the background by rounding up on everyday purchases.

By downloading the Sixpence app, teachers can create a campaign that provides the funds to stock their classrooms. Sixpence campaigns allow parents and other community members to donate to local classrooms and make a difference everyday!

To create a Sixpence campaign download the App for your mobile device. From there you can follow the link to start your own roundup crowdfunding campaign. In the description you can note that the funds will be used to benefit your students and any other pertinent details. This is your chance to tell your fundraising story and appeal to potential donors. You can then share your Sixpence campaign with your student’s parents, as well as your own friends, family, and networks. There is no limit to how many supporters you can have!

You can download the app and get started today by following this link. Together, through Sixpence and roundup crowdfunding, we can make a difference in the lives of teachers across the country! 

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