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School Fundraising with Sixpence

Classrooms need more than just tables, chairs, and books. They need a variety of supplies, decor, and other items to…

Fundraising as an Individual

Fundraising has a stereotype of being difficult, time-consuming, and minimally successful. Typically, fundraisers are associated with nonprofits, clubs, or schools…

The Foolproof New Year’s Resolution Solution

Do you resolve to be more generous in 2019? We at Sixpence admire that. The gift of giving not only...

School Fundraising Is Broken

50% If you’re an educator or school administrator engaged in fundraising with product sales (think cookie dough and candy bars), that’s how…

What to Do When No One Donates to Your Fundraiser

On Giving Tuesday, something is unlocked in people that makes them want to donate to fundraisers and crowdfunders. After filling bellies...

Don’t Lose Giving Tuesday Donors

The Struggle of Retaining Giving Tuesday Donors In 2017, Giving Tuesday donors raised over $300M for nonprofits, with average online...

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