Crowdfund With Roundups!

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Who Should Use Sixpence?

Personal Campaigns and Causes

– Individual Fundraising –

– Mission Trips –

– Medical Challenges –

– And more –

Organizational Campaigns and Causes

– Schools/Teachers –

– Churches/Religious Orgs –

– 501(c)3 Non-Profits –

– And more –

Why Use Sixpence?

Sustainable & Steady Fundraising

Crowdfund through roundups on your supporters’ daily purchases.
You can take lump sum donations or recurring donations on our platform,
but roundups are the secret sauce.

We even conducted research for you, to prove just how useful this method is:

Active Givers

Donors Likelihood to Use Sixpence

Inactive Givers

Donors Ages 18-29

18-29 Year Old Donors' Likelihood to Use Sixpence

Why People Don't Donate to Causes They Support

Why People Don't Give to Causes They Support

What Would People Most Like to Donate Roundups To?

Things People Want to Donate Roundups To