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“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”

Your Digital Change Jar for Shared Goals

Roundup your daily purchases towards shared goals with your friends, family, and community!

How Does Sixpence Work?

With Sixpence, you can create a digital change jar that gathers change off of contributors’ daily purchases. Reach shared goals with your community.

Sixpence’s purpose is to make it easy for you to gather funds together over time.

What Can I
Use Sixpence for?

Sixpence is for shared goals among communities, among any group of people.

PTOs, church congregations, youth sports teams, nonprofits, college clubs and societies, and even groups of friends and families are creating Sixpence jars for their causes.

A Rethinking of Community


Contribute pennies on purchases. Easy to set and forget.


See causes around you. What needs are in your community?


Your financial data is secured in the same way as Venmo users’.

Create any

Great for backyard fundraising. Create a cause for anything!


No more selling to fundraise. Receive contributions from things people already buy.

Network of

Let’s connect our communities around the good we can do.