Roundups make ongoing 

school fundraising easy

  • No more pushing products.  
  • No more giving 50% of funds raised to suppliers. 
  • Engage parents and fundraise simply.

What are round-ups?

Each time your supporters make a purchase, we round up the transaction amount to the nearest dollar. Every time they reach $5 in roundups, that $5 goes to your campaign.

The average user contributes $23 a month in this way.

School Fundraising Had to Change

So we changed it.

Product Fundraising -> 

Takes up to 50% of revenues

Most Crowdfunding -> 

Strictly for quick-hit targets

Broken & Unsustainable

With our roundup model, parents, friends, and community members can contribute donations daily, easy.

Fixed w/ Daily Donations

The average Sixpence user contributes $23 a month to supported campaigns, while hardly feeling the cost.

Watch It Add Up!

"Yes, I would love to see this come about! I can't tell you how awkward and uncomfortable cookie sales make me. Half the time kids are selling to teachers!"



Finish your year's fundraising all at once.

When you get families and members of your community onboard as contributors, their support of your classrooms becomes a part of their daily lives.


Ask nicely and we'll walk you through it

Doubles as a community engagement tool

Sub-campaigns and our campaign map help enhance engagement and community


We're also working on adding communication features such as shared images & comments.

Your supporters' information is secure

We use Plaid to ensure that financial information used for roundups is secured with bank-level encryption.


Also used by Acorns, Venmo, Robinhood, and other popular fintech mobile apps.

Create a Campaign in 10 Minutes

Click the button below and enter your information


Fill the emailed form to complete your campaign profile


Send us the images you want to use and then, done.


We'll have your campaign up in no time. We'll even help you build a concrete fundraising strategy if you'd like.

Low Cost

Our fees are among the lowest for crowdfunding platforms. We just take 5.5% + processing fees, leaving you 90%-93.5% upon withdrawal.


Significant Recurring Donations

Considering most campaigns receive about $23 per month per user, you'd still likely be seeing about $20 a month ($180 a school year) from users after fees.


More Money For Your Classrooms and Projects

Even if each class in your school could only get 10 parents and community members contributing roundups, what could you accomplish with an extra $1800 per class this year?

Curious About What This All Actually Looks Like?

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Imagine all you could do with this platform in your hands.

You probably have questions.

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