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Tithe Connect / Roundup Offerings / Giving Communities Church giving reimagined, to activate new givers & grow current givers. Build a church culture where giving is an embedded part of church community and Christian faith. APPLY FOR EARLY ACCESS SCHEDULE DEMO

Slide Connected Giving New ways to engage and experience generosity in your church Giving

Slide Giving Communities A Giving Experience Focused on Participation and Engagement This is a place for generosity to be experienced as a part of a larger whole. This is the financial side of community. Here, giving is not siloed and intermittent. Instead, it's a living story of a body of believers accomplishing great things together for the Gospel. Schedule a Demo

Slide Tithe Connect Sustained Giving That Adjusts to the Ups and Downs of Life Whether because of variable hours, gig jobs, contract employment, or freelance or self-employed work, giving a preset amount of money monthly doesn't work for a lot of us. Connect your bank, set your % of income to give, and begin giving in a manner that rises with blessings and dips with the struggles. More on Tithe Connect

Slide Roundup Offerings Tie Your Daily Purchases to the Ministries of Your Church With roundup offerings, you can tie support for church ministries to your daily purchases. Buy a cup of coffee for $3.40, $0.60 added on top goes to the church missions trip, the food bank, the youth group, or whatever other efforts you've chosen from those listed by your church. Think of it as a modern inverse of the "gleaning" Ruth benefited from. More on Roundup Offerings

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We'll help you to introduce this new option for giving to your congregation.
Enable congregants with variable incomes, those who can only afford "the widow's mites", and those who just want to embed giving into their finances to participate in the Church financially.
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Template This is not a form to get through. It's a place to participate. A Community-Centric Giving Experience Set a % to give and we'll give you a calculated prompt each payday. Accountable "Auto-Tithing" Do good with your church with every purchase ever. Roundup Daily Purchases Watch your community grow as members join in tethering their finances. Watch Your "Giving Community" Grow Start where you can. Grow from there. Watch God work. An Accessible Start When we put participation first, and dollar totals second, can we inspire more giving? What If We All Give "According to Our Ability?" Apply for Beta Access


Why We Built This

Christopher Haylett

With significantly variable income over the course of my late teens and early twenties, it took some time for me to begin participating in the story of the Church financially. Despite volunteering in ministry weekly, actively participating in most aspects of church community, and even going on mission trips across the world, preset monthly church giving was difficult for me given my significant fluctuations in income as a student, then as an hourly worker, and then as a 1099 contractor.

Giving “small” amounts that I could afford felt futile. But in focusing on the amounts of what I could give compared to large budget needs that made me feel insignificant, I missed the worshipful experience of giving itself, regardless of dollar totals. I created Sixpence because I believed that millions of Americans, like myself, would benefit from a giving experience that refocused giving away from budgets and dollar signs and back to a worshipful lifestyle of generosity and financial community.

I believe members of your church would thrive in this new mode of embedded generosity. Let’s remake the experience of giving and financial community in your church. The Sixpence team and I are here to help.

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