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Community and Human Connection

Giving should primarily be a form of connection and community. The first thing users see on our app home screen is a map highlighting causes near them, with the Sixpence .

Users can select campaigns from here or search for campaigns by name.

Sixpence App Campaign Example

Campaigns for Any Cause

Users can support or create a campaign for any cause that they care about. Campaigns can be linked to organizations or just personal profiles.

Churches, schools, soup kitchens, non-profits? ✔
Volunteer trips, emergency relief, overwhelming medical bills, or passion projects? Also ✔

Sixpence App Roundup Totals

Track Your Roundups

Of course anyone would want to be able to see the fruits of their roundups. Under this Roundup Stats page, you can see your total contributions for the month, and where they went.

You can see more details and updates on the campaigns under “My Supported Campaign Pages.”

Create a Campaign

Our research has shown that most people would rather contribute
roundups on their daily purchases t
han give monthly recurring donations.

Use Sixpence to give your supporters an easy way to 
contribute to
your mission and need steadily.
Click the link below to begin raising money through roundups now!

coming features
Features to be added, guided by your input

We’re currently building the Sixpence web app to allow you to directly create and customize your campaign (currently done by us through forms). You’ll be able to create exactly the campaign you want.

Soon you’ll be able to see campaigns your Facebook friends are supporting or running, so you can always see the need that’s most related to your community

Communication and community is a key part of Sixpence. As we build the platform, we’ll be integrating multiple methods of communication, including campaign updates and potentially comment/messaging options.


Sixpence is a development in progress. If you’re using it, you can shape it. Tell us what you want that we don’t yet offer!

 Frequently Asked Questions
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