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REGISTER MY CHURCH The digital place for easy, ongoing financial participation for your: Roundups / Targeted Causes / Community Engagement benevolence fund


Making Giving a Lifestyle We use tech to help you move hearts and build community.
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Slide Giving That Begins with Community Sixpence is not a form to get through.
It is a place for your members to participate.

This is where your congregation does
more than pass the plate.
Giving Beyond the Plate Create a "Change Jar" for anything.

Benevolence funds in the face of COVID-19 are a good starting point.

What would the Acts 2:42 Church have used Sixpence for?
Giving Made Easier Roundups and other features allow congregants to make financial participation a regular part of their daily lives.

Now giving is more about the decision to participate, than about the dollars.

Slide Safe and Secure Secured by Plaid
Your bank information is kept safe with bank-level security, including 256-bit encryption.

Not only is Sixpence easy, it's safe too.
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A Giving Platform Built Entirely Around Your Community's Ongoing Participation

Community Features:

Your Community Page - A"Place" for the Financial Experience of Your Community Accountability through Invites Visible Number of Supporters Share Details Behind Needs Challenge Congregation w/ Ability to See Number of Participants Posts and Updates Coming Soon

New Giving Experiences:

Create "Change Jars" for Specific Needs Roundup Daily Purchases Accessible Experience for Young/New Givers Emphasize Participation Over Dollars Automatic Tithes
(Set % to deduct from direct deposits) Coming Soon

Built by Church Leaders

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