Sixpence Features Explained

Sixpence has three primary feature areas:

  1. Tithe Connect
  2. Roundups
  3. Community

Here we answer your most common questions regarding these features and how they enable simpler, more routine, and more engaged giving.

What is Tithe Connect?

The intention of Tithe Connect is to enable congregants to give routinely in a manner that adjusts up and down with their financial ebbs and flows in life.

Tithe Connect allows you to connect your bank account, set a percentage you want to give from every incoming deposit, and then confirm your “tithe” each time your account registers a deposit.

This may be especially useful for congregants with variable incomes from paycheck to paycheck, be they hourly workers, contractors, gig workers, or others.

The emphasis here is participation itself; starting somewhere in financial participation. Legitimately can’t afford more than 1%? That’s okay. Let’s start there (or even with just roundups) and grow from that point. The focus is beginning the journey of financial participation itself.

What are Roundups?

With Roundups, Sixpence enables you to support the things you care about with change on top of your daily purchases.

Imagine you were to pay for something with cash, get the change, and put that change in a donation jar. Roundups are basically like that, except it works with your cards and the change goes to whatever change jar(s) you’ve already selected.

$3.50 for a coffee? 50c to the cause(s) you support. It’s

How does all of this work?

In order to start Tithe Connect, or to begin rounding up to an effort in your church, you need to first connect the cards you’d like to track roundups on and the bank account you’d like to designate as your Funding Source. You are automatically guided through this in onboarding.

You can connect as many cards as you’d like, credit or debit.

Tithes are triggered for approval with any deposit made to any connected card. Any tithe can be approved or skipped until the next one at any point.

Specific to roundups, when you make any purchase on a connected card, we’ll calculate your roundup and add it to a running tally. Every time your roundup tally passes $5, we transfer your balance from your Funding Source to the efforts in your church that you’re supporting.

You can see your tithes and roundups under “My Giving” at any time.

Is this safe? How is my information secured?

Sixpence utilizes Plaid to connect your bank account. We do not store any of your sensitive data or banking information on our servers and Plaid keeps your information safe with bank-level 256-bit encryption security.

You can read more about how Plaid keeps your data secure here.Other names you may be familiar with, who also utilize Plaid: Venmo, Acorns, American Express

Can I limit Roundups? How do I turn them off?

When you first link your cards, you can set a monthly cap, which can also be adjusted in your Settings. Your roundups each month will never pass this cap.

If you want to temporarily stop roundups, you can toggle them off in your Settings as well.

You can also cancel support for individual “change jars” at any point.

Why Roundup or auto-tithe? Why not just give directly?

We came up with Sixpence after struggling on the sides of both giving and fundraising ourselves. We needed something more routine, but also an accessible starting point.

Our goal is to help you make financial participation with your community into a routine part of your life. The amount doesn’t matter nearly as much as your participation in the first place does. This helps to keep that participation steady.

How cool is it that you can now tie your everyday life to the community circles you care about most?