Calling All YouTubers: A New Way to Monetize Your Audience

Lots of concert halls sell out with only a few thousand tickets. If a sports arena regularly gets 40,000 seats, it’s a successful venue. Politicians with a few million dedicated followers, sometimes even just thousands, win elections. However, in our ever-changing world, a digital media producer or personality with thousands of followers, and the occasional millions of views, may be barely scraping by. In the age of Spotify, YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and so on, YOUR media may be consumed by MILLIONS of people every day, but you may still see only pennies on the dime. Modern media creators are far from properly compensated for the scales of their following. Today, we’re talking about YouTube artists.

YouTube: A Tough Gig

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a YouTube channel host or videographer. Maybe you have a dedicated audience that loyally follows your work. Maybe that audience is MASSIVE, or maybe you have “just” a few thousand people who religiously follow your content. (I mean, I think even 100 people pining for your unique content would be pretty impressive.) Sure, maybe you don’t reach thousands of views per month, but you know your videos matter and you pool your passion and energy into them.
And you, being a passionate and talented individual, deserve at least some of compensation for the work you’re putting in. Perhaps you’d like to make your video-making a full-time gig, maybe you could use some extra cash to expand project resources, or maybe you’d just like to gain a bit of personal pay for your hard work and efforts.

But we know that monetizing your platform in this industry is tough:
—> The top 3% of YouTubers get 90% of traffic.
—> To get into that 3%, you need 1.4 million views per month.
—> But, even with 1.4 million monthly views (hey, I’d be impressed), you’d generate less than $17,000 annually.
—> And, to top it off, Google is still going to take 45% of ad revenue.

Slim ad revenues alone just don’t cut it for your financial needs. But hey, you started your channel with a vision. Don’t let money distract you from that pursuit. Rather than giving up your dreams, look to your viewers for help. They love you! Make it easy for them to support you.

Sixpence Can Help

Sixpence wants to help your audience support you, no matter its size. While we’re at it, we want to help you build a tighter viewer community. When you create a page on, your United States viewers can visit it and “subscribe” to roundups. Then, anytime they use their credit or debit card at any place in the U.S., that purchase will round up to the nearest dollar. That change flows directly to you. And the change really adds up. You could easily see as much as $20 donated monthly per user. Suddenly, your 100 dedicated viewers are making you $2,000 a month — with just their change!

Talk about your Sixpence page on a YouTube video or in its caption description, with an introduction to the simple “roundup method” of sponsorship. Next thing you know, you’re free from the risk of demonetization and you’re making revenue that would be near-impossible through racking up YouTube views alone. Your followers love what you do. Pennies at a time is no major ask, given the value you create.

Bonus: New Methods of Engagement

Soon, we’ll also be adding functionalities which will allow you to update your Sixpence page with content that doesn’t fit in your YouTube videos, allowing you to further engage with your audience and build a stronger community. If working on a project, you can set specific fundraising targets and keep sponsors informed on initiatives that their donations are making possible. Need money specifically for that new camera? Make a sub-page for that. Need a new mic? You can make a sub-page for that, too! There are endless possibilities with Sixpence.

We at Sixpence want to help alleviate financial stresses of YouTube channel hosts and videographers across America so they can follow their creative dreams. We will enable your creativity! Less stress and more money for projects, plus audience engagement as a bonus; Sixpence can surge your creative potential. Let’s make this happen:

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